April 2018: Chris joins the lab as a new PhD student. Exciting to have another student in the lab!

January 2018: Elena and Ian join as undergrads (soon to be masters students). Welcome Elena and Ian!

September 2017: Agustina joins the lab as a postdoc. Agustina comes to us from Jason Brickner's lab at Northwestern University where she did amazing work on the molecular basis for epigenetic memory. Welcome Agu!

June 2017: New Polyomavirus taxonomy for the ICTV is now online. Summary paper is here: [Pubmed]. Matt's interest in Polyomavirus evolution started with a study on the de novo birth of a new viral gene in a clade of oncogenic Polyomaviruses in collaboration with Denise Galloway's lab at Fred Hutch [Pubmed].

May 2017: Matt gives a Major Symposium talk at Immunology 2017, the annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists.

April 2017: Derek joins as an undergrad (and soon to be masters) student. Welcome Derek!

February 2017: Preethi and Chinmay join the lab as undergrads. Welcome Preethi and Chinmay!

December 2016: PLOS Pathogens paper in collaboration with Russell Vance's lab is now online: [PLoS Pathogens}. This paper, a continuation of an ongoing collaboration with the Vance lab, is an interesting report about the evolution of host 'tripwire' sensors of bacterial proteases.

September 2016: Roxanne joins as an undergrad student. She'll continue on to do her masters degree in the lab in 2017-2018.

July 2016: Candace joins the lab as our lab manager. Welcome Candace!

June 2016: Brian and Andy join the lab as PhD students ... and then both get training grants! Welcome and congrats to Andy and Brian!

May 2016: Andy starts as a rotation student. This place is starting to look like a lab now.

April 2016: Brooke and Brian start as rotation students. No real lab equipment yet, but we have computers.

March 2016: Cade and Hashi join as undergrads in the lab. They're the first people in the lab (and have the fantastic job of unpacking a bunch of boxes). Welcome Cade and Hashi!

March 2016: Lab opens.