August 2019: Matt’s review with SaraH Zanders (Stowers Institute) on the role that gene conversion plays in genetic conflicts is out. This is an idea that Matt and SaraH talked about when they were postdocs together where Matt kept running into gene conversion in immunity genes and SaraH kept running into it with meiotic drive genes. Article is here.

May 2019: Chris is awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Katelyn Nguyen, Miles Corley, and Jaxon Wagner start as undergrads in the lab. Welcome, undergrads and congrats, Chris!

March 2019: Chinmay is awarded a Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholarship and a Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Undergraduate Scholarship for his work on HGT. Congrats Chinmay!

Fall 2018: Bryant Cao, Xaver Audhya and Priscilla Pan start as undergrads in the lab. Welcome!

June 2018: Matt is named a Pew Biomedical Scholar. Press release is here.

June 2018: Congrats to Roxanne, our first graduating MS student! Roxanne is off to UCLA for a Masters in Public Health in the fall! And congrats to Preethi and Cade for graduating with their bachelors degrees. Preethi is off to medical school at California Northstate University College of Medicine and Cade will start optometry school at the Souther California College of Optometry. Bittersweet to have such great people leave the lab, but they are all off to bright futures!

April 2018: Chris joins the lab as a new PhD student. Exciting to have another student in the lab! And then Chris gets a CMG training grant. Congrats Chris!

January 2018: Elena and Ian join as undergrads (soon to be masters students). Welcome Elena and Ian!

September 2017: Agustina joins the lab as a postdoc. Agustina comes to us from Jason Brickner's lab at Northwestern University where she did amazing work on the molecular basis for epigenetic memory. Welcome Agu!

June 2017: New Polyomavirus taxonomy for the ICTV is now online. Summary paper is here: [Pubmed]. Matt's interest in Polyomavirus evolution started with a study on the de novo birth of a new viral gene in a clade of oncogenic Polyomaviruses in collaboration with Denise Galloway's lab at Fred Hutch [Pubmed].

May 2017: Matt gives a Major Symposium talk at Immunology 2017, the annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists.

April 2017: Derek joins as an undergrad (and soon to be masters) student. Welcome Derek!

February 2017: Preethi and Chinmay join the lab as undergrads. Welcome Preethi and Chinmay!

December 2016: PLOS Pathogens paper in collaboration with Russell Vance's lab is now online: [PLoS Pathogens}. This paper, a continuation of an ongoing collaboration with the Vance lab, is an interesting report about the evolution of host 'tripwire' sensors of bacterial proteases.

September 2016: Roxanne joins as an undergrad student. She'll continue on to do her masters degree in the lab in 2017-2018.

July 2016: Candace joins the lab as our lab manager. Welcome Candace!

June 2016: Brian and Andy join the lab as PhD students ... and then both get training grants! Welcome and congrats to Andy and Brian!

May 2016: Andy starts as a rotation student. This place is starting to look like a lab now.

April 2016: Brooke and Brian start as rotation students. No real lab equipment yet, but we have computers.

March 2016: Cade and Hashi join as undergrads in the lab. They're the first people in the lab (and have the fantastic job of unpacking a bunch of boxes). Welcome Cade and Hashi!

March 2016: Lab opens.